Solidifying Donnelly’s position as a market leader

about Donnelly Ford

Donnelly Ford stands as an esteemed fixture within Ottawa’s automotive domain, celebrated for its diverse range of top-tier pre-owned vehicles and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. 

With a legacy of excellence, Donnelly Ford has garnered a loyal customer base and solidified its position as a trusted destination for superior-quality used cars.

The Challenge

Endeavoring to expand their market reach and elevate vehicle sales to new heights, Donnelly Ford confronted the challenge of engaging a broad audience of potential buyers. 

To overcome this hurdle, they sought a data-driven and multi-faceted lead generation strategy capable of generating a consistent stream of high-quality leads.

Our Solution

Synkra crafted a bespoke lead generation campaign, meticulously designed to address Donnelly Ford’s specific goals and objectives. Our comprehensive approach encompassed the implementation of various targeted advertising campaigns:

  1. Facebook Lead Form Ads Campaign: Leveraging Facebook’s lead form ads, we devised compelling ad content that captivated potential buyers and enticed them to submit their contact information through convenient lead forms.

  2. Website Live Chat Campaign: Employing website live chat functionalities, we nurtured real-time interactions with website visitors, fostering engagement and capturing valuable leads.

  3. Facebook Direct Website Ads: Deploying personalized Facebook direct website ads, we strategically targeted users, driving them to explore Donnelly Ford’s website offerings.

  4. Direct Mail Campaigns in Ottawa: Employing the power of direct mail, we skillfully engaged potential customers in the local area, further amplifying Donnelly Ford’s reach.

  5. Google Search Campaigns: Capitalizing on Google’s search ads, we presented Donnelly Ford’s inventory to users actively seeking vehicles, directing them to the dealership’s offerings.

The Results

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