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Limitless Auto Sales (LAS Toronto) is a reputable automotive dealership based in Toronto, Canada. Known for their wide selection of high-quality used cars and exceptional customer service, LAS Toronto has been a key player in the local automotive market.

The Challenge

LAS Toronto aimed to expand their customer base and increase vehicle sales. They sought an effective lead generation strategy that could deliver a consistent stream of qualified prospects to their dealership. 

The challenge was to achieve this while adhering to a predefined budget and optimizing their lead-to-customer conversion rate.

Our Solution

To address the challenge, Synkra devised a tailored lead generation campaign specifically designed to cater to LAS Toronto’s unique needs. We strategically launched two distinct Facebook advertising campaigns:

  1. Facebook Lead Form Ads Campaign: This campaign allowed LAS Toronto to capture potential customer information directly through Facebook lead forms. The ads were meticulously designed to pique interest and encourage users to submit their details, providing LAS Toronto with valuable leads.

  2. Facebook Dynamic Catalog Ads Campaign: Leveraging the dynamic catalog ads, we showcased LAS Toronto’s extensive vehicle inventory to users who expressed interest in their products. This personalized approach helped engage prospects and drove them to explore LAS Toronto’s offerings further.

The Results

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